Dear Upinngil Patrons,

With winter upon us and the cold settling in, we’re excited to have our 100% Solar Heated Hoop House full of tasty hardy greens. We’ve been taking the first cuts of our Winter Salad Mix about once a week! Hard to predict when weather will allow us to harvest, and we never have enough to satisfy demand, so we will also be stocking from Queen’s Greens regularly this winter, so you can reliably find a quality salad green in our cooler when you stop by. 

The Little Red Hen Bakery is the best place for our team to stay warm and busy in the winter! As outdoor work winds down – bakery work revs up for the holidays. Lots of offerings good for gifts or parties….

Holiday Gifts:

As our boys (now ages 5, 7, and 9) like to remind us daily, Christmas is only 6 days away!  If you’re looking for gift ideas from a local business we have a growing selection from local soap makers, potters, seamstresses, herbalists, wool crafters, woodworkers and more. We have  complimentary gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon to package your gift. 

We also sell many local food items that make great gifts, such as our cheeses & jams, maple syrup and maple candy, honey, popcorn, and herbal teas, or Little Red Hen baked goods. If you can’t decide, an Upinngil Gift Card is also a great option!

Current Produce Available:

– Upinngil Salad Mix (mid-week harvest)
– Queen’s Green Spinach (Friday delivery)
– Leeks
– Garlic
– Potatoes
– Sweet Potatoes 
– Carrots
– Parsnips 
– Beets
– Cabbage 
– Onions 
– Apples 
– Gill Greenery Sprouts

Hope to see you all very soon. Happy Holidays!

Sorrel & The Upinngil Team