Behind the farm store, between the espaliered apple trees and dairy barn, are our flower beds. U-pick flower season opens with daffodils, and tulips in April, and closes with showy dahlias, asters, and heirloom Chrysanthemums in late October. 

Upinngil offers single stems, U-pick, and market bouquets in the farm store from April through October. 

In addition, we offer blooms by the bucket and gift cards to share the season of u-pick. 

On Saturday mornings you’ll often find Sorrel or Sadie working in the garden, please come ask us questions! If you would like to volunteer to help with the flower garden Saturdays around 10am are often a good time. Email for more info.

2024 Prices

U-pick bouquets: $7
Market bouquets: $10
Bucket of Blooms (50-70 flowers, depending on varieties): $67
Flower gift cards: recommend $140 for 20 weeks of U-pick bouquets

What we’re growing in 2024:

Narcissus (Obdam, Flower Surprise)
Tulips (Blush Blend, Marit, Blue Diamond, Sunset Tropical)
Peonies (Lady Alexandra Duff, Etched Salmon, Cora Stubbs, Coral Charm)
Italian Ranunculus (Cloni Hermione, Cloni Hanoi, Elegance Salmone)

Early Summer
Foxglove (Camelot Rose, Dalmatian peach)
Snapdragon (Potomac Early Sunrise)
Dianthus (Chabaud La France, Marie Chabaud)
Delphinium (Belladonna)
Bupleurum (Green Gold)
Columbine (McKana Giants)

Late Summer
Snapdragon (Costa Summer Lavender III, Legend Light Pink)
Zinnia (Oklahoma Salmon Rose, Queeny Lemon Peach, Benary’s giant salmon)
Saponaria (Pink Beauty)
Matricaria (Magic Single)
Rudbeckia (Triloba and Indian Summer)
Strawflower (King Size Orange)
Sunflower  (ProCut White Lite and Sonja)
Astilbe (Milk and Honey)
Yarrow (favorite berries)

Marigold (White Swan)
Mountain Mint (narrow and broad)
Sea Oats
Sedum (Autumn Joy)
Dahlia (Strawberry ice, Arabian Nights, Mystery Day, Bridezilla, Cabana banana, Gabrielle Marie, Cornel Bronze, Café Au Lait)
China Aster (King Size Apricot, Miss Europe Resist)
Heirloom Chrysanthemum (Seaton’s Coffee, Kelvin Mandarin, Coral Reef, Ft. Vancouver)