Apple blossoms at Upinngil Farm in Gill. May 2, 2017

BEEBALM Clifford developed his recipe for Beebalm over 25 years ago. We’ve been making it the same way ever since. Just three ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, and Water. Each small batch is handmade in our home kitchen. We use it everywhere around the farm: on the cows udders, on our little boy’s chin, and our own dry, work-worn hands. It’s simply the best heal-all. Beeswax is found in many skin creams, but often just a tiny amount, whereas Beebalm is 1/3 pure beeswax. We sell it online to meet the needs of customers that have moved out of the area but can’t live without it. Here is a list of uses compiled from customer feedback: Dry hands, Chapped lips, Slow healing wounds, Hydrating cuticles, Cracked feet & heels, Diaper rash, Hemorrhoids, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Eczema, Bedsores, Cow’s Udders, Ice protection for dog’s feet, Dreadlocks, Waterproofing boots, Sticking drawers, Leather conditioning, Threading needles, Oiling cutting boards & bowls, Seasoning cooking surfaces.

Price per 2 oz. jar: $6.90 (tax included)

Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping for up to 10 jars: $9.65

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HONEY Upinngil’s first business card read “Upinngil Finnsheep and Apiary”. The sheep are long gone – and we no longer maintain the 50 hive Apiary we once did, but Clifford still keeps several hives at the original homestead on Center Road, primarily for pollinating a small apple orchard. He also teaches a beekeeping course at GCC every spring. We sell our honey in the store when we have it. We also sell honey from other local producers (primarily Eli & Olivia, Greenfield).

MAPLE Upinngil has a small sugarhouse on Center Road where we boil sap most winters. It takes 40 gallons of sap to boil down to 1 precious gallon of syrup. We usually hang about 100 buckets in various spots around Gill. It’s a good way to stay busy in late February and early March, before the growing season begins. Hard work, but rewarding.