CSA sign up window NOW OPEN!
Your purchase of an Upinngil CSA share helps support our small, highly diversified family farm. Your upfront commitment and financial support early in the season makes what we do possible. In exchange, we are thoroughly committed to providing you with a season’s worth of healthy, delicious, sustainably-produced, and affordable food.

Here’s how our CSA share works:

  • Come by and visit the farm as often as you can, pick out whatever produce you like. Select your items from the PRODUCE screen in the check-out kiosk and swipe your CSA card. It will display your remaining balance. Pick-your-own crops (strawberries, raspberries, snap peas, flowers) are also eligible for purchase with your CSA share.
  • Your share can be as large or small as you like, customizable to meet the needs of your family. The minimum share size costs $255 for a $300 value. This 15% discount can be applied to any amount you choose. For a 4 person family visiting once a week, we recommend a $425 share size (a $500 value).
  • You may begin using your share immediately. Our store is open year-round, with our own salad mix, potatoes, and winter squash available through the winter as well as produce from many other local farms.
  • CSA Shares can be used for PRODUCE ONLY.  Other goods from the farm store must be checked out separately. Shares are available for sale until June 1st of each season. A balance may be carried over into the next season, shares DO NOT EXPIRE.

To get signed up fill out this CSA SIGN UP SHEET, bring it to the farm store. A staff person in the bakery can load your card and give you a tutorial on how to use it. You may also mail the sign up sheet with a check to the farm, we will contact to to let you know that we have received it an explain how to get started.

Our farm is wide open to visitors 8am-7pm every day of the year. Every time you visit there is something new to see. Take a walk out back to visit the cows or see the spectacular view from the hilltop. Wander the market garden, pick your own fresh sugar snap peas, or poke your nose in the greenhouse and bask in the warmth. See if there is a newborn calf in the barn. Pick raspberries in the backyard and watch the chickens hard at work. Ask us questions, we all love to talk about what we do.

For the print version of this page: CSA flier               CSA SIGN UP SHEET

Hoop house ready to plant winter greens, August helping. 2015.