Our small herd of grass-fed Ayrshire Cattle supply us with beautiful milk year round. Most of our milk is bottled and sold fresh, but when we have enough we make a batch of cheese. Though many of our cheeses may resemble traditional types, they are uniquely different, hence some of their unique names. They are the distillation of the sun that shines on this grass, growing on this soil, eaten by these cows, milked, cultured, warmed, drained, pressed, salted, and aged by the hands of these people – us – Upinngil.

Upinnzellar – Hard Nutty Swiss

Made in the tradition of Swiss alpine cheeses. Good grated on pasta as you would Parmesan or Romano. The best for Quiche or Fondue.  Aged 90 days.

Upinngillar – Mild, Semi-Hard

Our basic Italian style all-purpose culinary cheese for the family. Great for pizza, lasagna, and sandwiches. Similar to Mozzarella. Aged 60 days.

Gouda – Mild, Firm

This is our best all around culinary and table cheese. It slices and melts beautifully, and makes the ultimate gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Aged 60 days.

Fontina – Mellow, Nutty Aroma

The best Fontinas have a distinctive aroma that can only be achieved if the cows are pastured on rich grasslands in the Italian Alps…. or at Upinngil. A fine table cheese. Aged 4 months.

Ayrshire – Medium Sharp

Made in the tradition of British Isle cheeses. A fine table cheese for appetizer or dessert. Or for culinary use as you would Cheddar. Aged 12 months.

Dunlop – Very Sharp

The traditional cheese of the county Ayr, the original Scottish home of our Ayrshire Cattle. A very fine table cheese for appetizer or dessert. Make process similar to Cheddar. Aged 18 months.

Feta – Tangy, Salty, and Crumbly

Great for salads or served with olives. Used in “spanakopita” or “spinach pie”. The original Greek Feta is made from sheep’s milk – made with Ayrshire cow’s milk is equally delicious. Aged 60 days.

Blue – Creamy, Semi-Soft, Piquant Blue

A farm specialty and customer favorite. Roquefort mold ripened.  Great on salads or served as a fine table cheese. Aged 6 months.

Note: Our cheeses are made in small batches (50 lb. max). There are often variations between batches depending on the season.

Upinnzellar with good “eyes”.

Clifford removing cheeses from the press.

Tending the Christmas Camemberts.

Milk in cheese vat.