Our store is open 8am-7pm every day of the year. We figure the cows have to be milked every day – may as well open the doors!

This is nexus of the farm, grand central station. All of our product sells from this one location, directly to our customers. We accept just about all forms of payment: cash, checks, credit, debit, EBT, Common Good. If you need assistance please ring the bell on top of the money box. We are always happy to help.

We sell a wide array of local food and grocery items in addition to our own, including:

  • Real Pickles (Greenfield)
  • Side Hill Farm Yogurt (Hawley)
  • Diemand Farm Eggs, Chicken, Potpies, & Soups (Wendell)
  • Free Range Eggs from numerous local flocks
  • Thomas Farm Goat Cheese (Sunderland)
  • Cabot Butter
  • Snow’s and Bart’s Ice Cream (Greenfield)
  • Katalyst Kombucha (Greenfield)
  • Dean’s Beans Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar (Orange)
  • Pierce Brother’s Coffee (Greenfield)
  • Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate
  • Sweet Harmony Herbal Infused Chocolate and Honey (Wendell)
  • Eli & Olivia Honey (Greenfield)
  • Round Mountain Farm Maple Syrup (Northfield)
  • Baer’s Best Dry Beans (ME)
  • Maine Grains Rolled Oats (ME)
  • Four Star Farms Cornmeal and Flour (Northfield)
  • King Arthur Flour (VT)
  • Natural Chips and Beverages
  •  Basic grocery items (salt, sugar, etc…)

We provide the easy convenience of a local country store, with a focus on wholesome, essential, local grocery items in addition to our own farm-raised foods.

Open every day of the year… rain, shine, and snowstorm.