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Flour and Whole Grains

Wheat Berries

Our stock usually includes wheat (berries and flour), rye, and buckwheat. If you have a specific need, please call ahead for availability.
McCormick Combine

Using Whole Grain Flour

Whole wheat bread All our flour is unsifted whole grain. This means it contains more bran than most whole wheat flour you might buy in the grocery store. The bran is nutritious but it will also make things more crumbly. If you wish to use our flour to make a pastry crust, we recommend using a sifter to remove some of the bran before measuring. Simple baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and quick breads can be made with 100% Upinngil flour with no recipe modification. However, if you are baking bread with our flour for the first time, we recommend starting with 50-50 Upinngil whole wheat and white bread flour. Click here for recipes from Little Red Hen, our licensed home bakery.

Our grains are also suitable for sprouting, cooking whole, home grinding, cover cropping in the garden, and as livestock feed.