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In June the early summer heat brings our strawberry crop to full flavor. Customers for our U-Pick patch line up early in the day. This is a great time for families to visit the farm, find treats at the Farm Store, and relax at our picnic tables. Our day's berries are sometimes picked out by 10:00 a.m., so check the website or call the farm to find out hours of operation and picking conditions. Berries are also sold on the Farm Stand.

Upinngil strawberries

In September our raspberry crop is ready for U-Pick visitors. Jam at upinngil farm The fall weather makes for pleasant picking. We grow several varieties so that pickers will always be able to fill their containers. We also sell raspberries on the Farm Stand. Our berries freeze well and make delicious jam. Jams in decorative jars and frozen berries are usually available into the winter at our Farm Store.