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Beebalm, Maple Syrup, & Honey

Beebalm from upinngil farm Upinngil's own Beebalm is so popular we sometimes have trouble keeping the shelf stocked. A pure blend of beeswax, sunflower oil, and water, it protects and soothes chapped skin. It is especially effective on hands and feet and can even be used to waterproof leather boots and shoes.

Beebalm is available at our Farm Store or online.

Honey from upinngil farmMaple sugaring is a special time of year at Upinngil. We always make time at the winter's end to tap some trees and draw off the most precious of sugars. Once we're done boiling down the sap, you may be lucky enough to find containers of maple syrup for sale in our Farm Store. Supplies are limited! We also sell locally-produced honey and honey-based products.